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Mother's Day Tea Party

Garden Party ideas!
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Recipes for :

Assorted teas from Africa


If you are thinking about a GARDEN PARTY to host your Tea Party, plan to hold it when your garden is in its fullest bloom -- perhaps it's lilac time, June roses, or peony season. Don't forget to cut some of the blooms for the table vases. Or buy a basket full of flowers at a farmers' market or local florist.

Don't have a garden? Why not have a roof party! Use these same ideas and transform any location! See picture below for ideas...

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Something form the past...Send handwritten notes by regular "snail" mail. Your guests will recognize your party as an elegant affair and dress accordingly! If you prefer not to do all the writing you can download our invitation, print off as many as you need and fill in the information. You can get invitation size envelopes at a stationery shop or office store. If you absolutely must... you can download a digital invitation, edit and email it to your guests. 

Usually, tea is held around 4 p.m. -- perfect for day-blooming flowers. If you want  you can include an invitation for the little girls to bring along a doll or teddy friend.



The more elegant, the better. NO paper or plastic anything!  Go for the linen tablecloth,  cloth napkins and your best china cups and saucers.

Make sure there is enough seating for everyone. You can use your indoor dining chairs outdoors! Simply elegant touch, whether left unadorned or covered with a floral chintz or Dutch waxed cotton.

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You'll only need teaspoons at tea. All sandwiches and sweets are all finger-foods.  Sandwiches served with the crusts removed and cut in quarters. Traditionally sugar cookies and petit fours are on the menu. You can choose to substitute mini-cupcakes or tiny tarts.



There are three basic types of tea > black, green and oolong .There are  more than 3,000 kinds of tea in the world that are ALL derived from the three basics.

Herbal teas  are made from a variety of flowers, herbs, barks, berries, fruits and spices.

Simple & Easy> offer your guests a traditional tea and a caffeine-free herbal choice. Have milk (not cream!), sugar and fresh lemon wedges available.


Ask your guests to wear hats -- the fancier the better! Bring on the church hats , ladies!! Love those big-brimmed, floppy and flowered ones! 

So now you have what you need for the perfect Tea Party! 

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Please share your photos of your tea party featuring the Liberia tea collection and I'll post them on my website!

Tips from article on www.chiff.com; Table setting photo from Country Living.Lady in Hat photo from TalkinStuff blog