Tea Party Time! 
Ideas for special moments!ea
When ever you need a moment, serve yourself a cup of tea from this keepsake collection!

Global, diverse. Another point of view!

As you sip...
 Smile for the friendships. Say a prayer for those in need. Laugh at the memories!
Throw a tea party!
Info on teas, set up and refreshments!

How about a   garden party?  

Read about how to plan one!
From table settings to kinds of teas!

Please share your photos of your tea party featuring the Liberia tea collection and I'll post them on my website and Facebook!
Liberiathe African Homeland Toile
 Limited EditionTea set Collection
 Tea cup set                             Dessert plate 

Pitcher                                Tea pot set
Liberia tea set collection in Indigo blue. Garden party setting.
Here's some ideas about garden parties!