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African Homeland Toile 
Tea Collection in Cranberry

The historical tea set collection has been in the WHITE HOUSE since 2009!
Introducing a SPICEY alternative to the classic!
In the tradition of global villages, this toile tea set collection gets inspiration from the classic European toile. 
Updated with figures capture village life reflective of cultures found around the world.

Special Price: $139.97 per set
Regular: $245.00 each
Prices include FREE shipping! 

Liberia Tea set Collection Package in CRANBERRY RED includes: 
  • Tea pot set
  • 4 cup &saucer sets
  • 4 dessert plates
  • pitcher (see image below)                  
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Read more about the creation of this toile!

"LIBERIA”  Tea pot set

Liberia Toile tea set in Cranberry Red

"LIBERIA”  Tea pot set     Color: Cranberry Red
Special Price: $39.97 per set
Regular $90.00 per set
Prices include shipping.
  • tea pot
  • sugar bowl
  • creamer

“Liberia” tea cup & saucer sets Tea for Two package
“Liberia” tea cup & saucer sets Tea for Two package
Special Price: $19.97 a pair
Regular: $45.00 per pair
  • 2 cups
  • 2 saucers
Color: Cranberry Red

“Liberia” dessert plates

“Liberia” dessert plates
Special Price: $39.97 per set of 4
 Regular: $75.00 per set

Includes: set of 4

Color: Cranberry Red

“Liberia” Pitcher

“Liberia” Pitcher holds 32 fluid ounces 
Special Price: $24.97 each
Regular: $35.00 each
Color: Cranberry Red

Tea party ideas! 

Ask your guests to wear their most outrageous hats! 

If you have access to the outdoors try having a garden event. Some of you can create a beautiful space on urban rooftops!  Otherwise fill the room with flowers and bring outdoors inside!

Mixed pastries. Invest in the decedent as well as the simple. Something new for everyone to try yet things that are familiar.

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