PILLOWS        Beautiful, colorful pillows change the look of a room instantly!

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          The most economic way to decorate! 
 Decorating tip! For a dramatic look try using a variety of pillow sizes. Then mix & match  patterns. 

Chocolate & Light Blue Group
      Size: 14” square                  20” square                      17/18” square

Chocolate & Light Blue Vines                            Chocolate & Light Parquet
Chocolate & Light Blue Grid (center)

Indigo Parquet pillows



Dots & Dashes Group

Indigo Dots & Dashes Multi Dots & Dashes


Geometric Group

Purple Stripe Multi                                                Diamond pattern

 Tie Dye Pillows                                                                 Made in U.S.A. of imported fabrics. Assorted sizes and colors. Solid envelope back closures. Pillows sold in pairs only. 
NOTE: Pillows are made as ordered. Ships in 2 weeks.


17" square pillows                                                  20" square pillows      
Regular           $55.00 per pair                                   Regular $65.00 per pair  
Special!       $45.00 per pair                                 Special!      $55.00 per pair        




Indigo Parquet pillows
17" square pillows                                      20" square pillows      

Regular  $55.00 per pair                                Regular: $65.00 per pair
Special!      $45.00 per pair                         Special!    $55.00 per pair 


Dots & Dashes Group

 20" square pillows                                       17" square pillows 

Special!       $55.00 per pair                          Special!       $39.00 per pair      

Regular        $65.00 per pair                            Regular          $55.00 per pair

 Geometric Group
 20" square pillows                          
17" square pillows
Regular    $65.00 per pair                Regular          $55.00 per pair
Special     $55.00 per pair               Special!       $45.00 per pair