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"MASSAI"  Dinnerware
Cultural expressions at its best!
Classic. Traditional. Formal.
(To get this look see info below!)

This unique line of porcelain table top reflects the history of our heritage and reinforces how far we have come. It resonates in the tenacity of Barbara Garnes, Lifestyle Creator of Southern Hemisphere Design Group who has always brought the best of ethnic design to her clientèle.The historical table top collection was in the WHITE HOUSE since 2009!

Inspired by the Kenyan heritage of former
 President Barack Obama.

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 Mali     | Tea Collection

Made of porcelain. Imported. Lead free.

Porcelain place settings. 

The shield of protection brings a new look to formal dining. 
Coordinating plates use details from the regal crest.

20 piece dinnerware set 
Service of 4 includes 

  • 4-10” dinner plate
  • 4- 8” salad plate
  • 4- 7 ” bread & butter plate
  • 4- cup
  • 4- saucer  

Regular $225.00 per set

special price!      $129.97/ set


"MASSAI”  10 ounce mug  4 per set  

Regular      $50.00

special price!        $35.97

Table Setting suggestions:

Go for the GOLD! Use gold accented accessories when dressing your table for the ultimate royal treatment!

Start will a solid table cloth 

White or off white       OR     a  pale coral



Gold rim glasses or unique goblets
Gold flatware (This may be a challenge to find but the results will be stunning!)
Brass Chargers (Look like large plates to go under the dinner plate)
Brass candle sticks with candles that match the tablecloth.

 For wholesale p

urchases or information click here



For wholesale purchases or information click here.