"MALI"  Dinnerware Collection

Culturally inspired. Tradition. Classic.
Inspired by the art work of mudcloth from Mali. 
Black and white- always in fashion!
Enjoy our special offers! 
NEW! Party pack special for under $60 including shipping! See details below!

Made of porcelain. Imported. Lead free.

 Availability: In Stock. For the first time we offer the MALI collection in open stock! Buy the pieces you want. 

Everything sold in sets of 4  


Mali 10” dinner plates- set of 4     SOLD OUT!

Mali  8” salad plates - set of 4       $35.97 

Mali cereal bowls - set of 4            SOLD OUT!

Mali mugs - set of 4                           $35.97 

Great for Bridal registry and Family gatherings.

Mali cups & saucers - set of 4      $35.97


 Mali appetizer plates - Party Pack Special!

 set of 8   $60 value         NOW $49.97

These little dishes will multi task their way through the holidays!

Originally designed as a bread & butter plate! 
Perfect plates for finger food,  appetizers and desserts!  
7 inch plates. 8 pieces per set. 


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