The African Toile Tea Set Collection

The "Perfect gift" that becomes an heirloom!


The “Liberia” line celebrates the freed African American slaves in images reminiscent of the French toile. The village scene embraces the exotic cultures around the globe. 

Traditional style with a whimsical twist on the grandma's tea set. New color brings a fresh look to the collection. The porcelain composition keeps the prices of these tea set and accessories accessibly priced so more people can enjoy quiet moments. A collection to grow with.

Designer's note: This collection has been in the White House since 2009.

Gift ideas

    • Wedding / Bridal registry     Tea Set  Tea set   Tea set   tea Set
    • Tea pot collector
    • Family heirloom and historical collection
    • Housewarming
FYI- the inspiration behind the Liberia, African Toile > When I think back on the concept I have to laugh because  (continued below)

Liberia Tea pot set includes covered tea pot, covered sugar bowl and creamer

Indigo                                                Cranberry
..... it all started out as joke. It was  spoof on the Euro version.  A few years ago, everywhere I went there was the French country toile. The last straw was a picture window at Rockefeller Center with every item was in the toile- from stationery accessories to baby clothes to linens in different colors of the print. I remember staring it the display and shaking my head. "Why couldn't there be a..a...an.... African toile?" (continued below)

Liberia Tea cup and saucer set includes 4 tea cups and 4 saucers
Indigo                           Cranberry

So later that day and after a couple of hours, I sat back from the  computer and said "HA! So there!" Then I sat up and looked at it again in silence. Hey, wait a minute.  I leaned back again and really studied my creation. "THIS IS HOT!"

I found a classic indigo kente pattern and a piece of batik floral print from my teenage archives. The first product that I wanted to make in these coordinates was the bedding line. The opportunity for the porcelain came first. 

The reaction from this toile has been sometimes overwhelming. (continued below)

Liberia dessert plate set includes 4 -8" dessert plates

Indigo                                                Cranberry

In Brooklyn, family members gathered around and declared "At last!". In Atlanta women's eyes filled with tears. A woman of Puerto Rican heritage wept as she explained the village scene reminded her of her grandparents' farm. My seamstress from Sri Lanka declared it looked like her ...(continued below)

Liberia Pitcher - holds 32 ounces

Indigo                                           Cranberry

country. Those from the Caribbean, Africa and South America get it!
I realized that this the Liberia toile had more global appeal than the original European one. 

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