Laminated Patioware

Handpainted & Tie Dye Group

Laminated Table Top Accessories

Make a drama setting for your family and guests with our reusable laminated table top accessories. Assorted trays, salad bowl sets, coasters and napkin holders.

Alcohol-proof. Washable.
No extreme heat (microwave or dishwasher)
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Going green never looked so good! Limited edition hand designed fabrics laminated into reusable accessories.

Handpainted & Tie Dye

The actual hand made fabrics have been laminated and shaped into colorful entertaining pieces.


Bouquet                                                    Tie Dye Multi

Salad bowl set    $38.00 per set                        






Small tray 11" x 17"  $30. 00 each

Chip & Dip server 13" diameter  $44.00 each      
Coasters set of 6    $20.00 per set

Large tray 16" x 22"  with handles $60.00 each


These products are custom made as ordered.  Allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipping.  As supplies last in regards to our fabric selection.