Set of Adinkra ornaments
Handcarved in Ghana!
          Sankofa Bird                Sankofa Heart                    Gye Nyame                         Siamese Crocodiles
     "Go back & fetch it!”        a variation of Sankofa       (Gina may) "...Except God"               Unity
Know your past, so you can understand your future.    “No one know the             Two crocodiles share
                                                                                         beginning or ending             one stomach.
                                                                                        of creation except God”
Set of adinkra ornaments make a perfect Kwanzaa gift!
Each ornament is approximately 2 inches long. Hand carved.
Made in Ghana.
Set of 4  Special $29.00  includes FREE shipping*  $40.00 Value

These hand carved adinkra ornaments were originally intended for the Christmas tree. Use them anywhere, anytime you want to reflect or be inspired. Great for wreathes or worn as a pendent!
Just hook & hang. Or create a decorative loop of raffia, silk thread, ribbon or yarn using a large eye needle.

Barbara, Lifestyle Creator of SoHe Designs

 Read about Kwanzaa which celebrates the craft of handmade!
 (*mainland 48 states)