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Cultural expressions at its best! Assorted gifts items.

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Lower your heating bill. Wear a sweatshirt!




Blue Sunshine                                                     Purple


         Mudcloth                       Multi                               Blue Adinkra







Adinkra embroidered sweatshirts
Classic sweatshirt with embroidered cultural symbols. Very limited inventory. Order by size. Embroidered in NYC.
Sizes Medium - Xlarge  $30.00 each

Sizes 2XL to 4XL          $35.00 each
Special $22.50  

Headband & bracelet sets

Laminated fabrics encased in plastic made into hair accessories and jewelry. Made in NYC.
One Size.
$15.00 per set
Choose from
Blue Adinkra
Blue Sunshine


Hand carved

Adinkra Ornaments
Culturally correct, positive reflections. Each symbol is an inspiration to share with family and friends. Made in Ghana. 

$40.00 value
Set of 4    $29.00